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In this post, we will be exploring ROCO’s journey with Coohom SaaS Platform and how it has impacted their process flow in a productive and positive manner. First and foremost, a brief introduction of ROCO followed by an overview of the various gaps identified and how Coohom’s technology has significantly enhanced these processes. 

A Brief Introduction To ROCO

 ROCO launched into the Chinese market in 2004 and has built a solid reputation since its inception. Most notably; ROCO has been selected as one of the ’10 Best Custom Wardrobe in China’ consistently over the last 13 years. As a result this cemented their position in the market as a reputable and trustworthy custom wardrobe provider in the Chinese market.

After a strong 13 years in the custom wardrobe industry, ROCO started venturing into whole-home solutions, including kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining room and more. In order to achieve this successfully, ROCO has made a commitment to embracing technology-based growth.

The Gap ROCO faced

ROCO relied on 2 separate design software to manage day-to-day operations, one for designs, quotations and annotations. While the other software was use  for processing orders.

It was difficult to provide accurate and timely quotes since team members could only review cost prices after the order had been processed. As a result, team members had to spend time verifying both systems to guarantee an accurate and timely quotation were proposed.

Managing product information and data independently resulted in a lengthier learning curve, data operations, and maintenance expenditures. Subsequently using several software solutions resulted in redundancies, consolidation miss haps and errors. 

Manual data transmission resulted in time-consuming correspondence, which caused orders to be more prone to mistakes, resulting in customer discontent and a negative impact on sales.

Requiring local installation for hardware-related system issues, which directed impacted business functionality and caused breakdowns in communication within the organization.

How Coohom filled the gap 

Coohom is an all-in-one Cloud Based Design and Visualization tool that has provided a tremendous advantage to manage complex processes for companies like ROCO, assisting with product management, order, customer and all-around digitalized management. Here’s how:

Reduction in quotation time by 80%

Since switching to Coohom, ROCO has reported a staggering 80% reduction in quotation time. Relying on Coohom’s all-in-one capabilities, the team at ROCO was able to view both cost and sale price within a single system. Which directly resulted in real-time updates in regard to price changes and discounts.

Integration of product data across categories and internal communication chain resulted in reports of significant reduction in the training and learning process, data operation and maintenance costs.


API and Product Integration

Since implementing Coohom’s API and product integration processes, ROCO has reported a significant reduction in delivery times, lengthy communication and errors. This is due to design and order functions are now processed directly on one platform.  

Cloud Processes

ROCO has reduced its reliance on hardware that relied on local installation due to the Coohom’s cloud processes. Increasing data accessibility while offloading server load from other systems while ensuring data security and integrity.

ROCO has since reported significant and optimistic results from switching to Coohom, with operation processes fully transferred to the Coohom platform with an increase in productivity efficiency and data management. 

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