Furniture Brands & Retailers

Shift to online, engage customers and keep your brand ahead of competitors.

Did You Know?

Online distribution is the fastest growing furniture channel
Millennials are the largest group of homebuyers, 70% start their search online
60% of shoppers say that a strong online browsing experience enhances their in-store experience

Why Us?

Customized Solutions for Furniture Brands and Retailers

Scale Your 3D Operations from Creation to Imagery

Build your catalog in 3D and enhance your customers’ visual experience.

Empowering You and Your Sales Team

From modelling to QA and imagery automation, Smart Decor will take you from zero to hero in 3D

One-Stop Solution

We have all the resources to help you create, add product data, host your 3D catalog, and share it

Modelling Quality

Products are readily compliant with the requirements

Network of Local Interior Designers

Get your products in front of your potential customers and let them design using your models

Top Notch Support

From start to finish, Smart Decor support helps you with creating models, portfolio upkeep and more

3D Modeling Services

Your Partner in 3D Model Creation

With a scalable network of 3D modellers, Smart Decor will serve as your go-to modelling service provider. Always retain ownership of your 3D models.

3D Model Viewer & Augmented Reality

See Your Products From All Angles

Increase consumer confidence by easily pulling up the product from the comfort of their mobile phone with app-less AR. Customers that view products in AR are 3x more likely to buy.

Virtual Showroom

Engage Without The Limitation Of An Actual Physical Environment

Develop a virtual space where customers may be welcomed in an active virtual experience.

Digital Library

Map Your Product Data Seamlessly

Create an organized digital library of your products. Put it in front of thousands of designers who use Coohom. Tag your product information so purchase can be made by the designers. Amplify your sales by presenting your product to relevant stakeholders.

Photo & Video Studio

Save 90% of your Photography & Video Costs

Photo and Video Studio provides ready-made room templates to create the perfect shot with just one click. No more photo and video shoots. Share with us your 3D models and your preferred scenes, we’ll get it done for you. Save time, save costs. If you have a designer, get the whole Photo & Video Studio package, and you have the freedom to create your marketing materials anytime, anywhere.


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