Floor Planner, Custom-Made Furniture & High Speed Rendering

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Floor Planner, Decor in 3D, Customize and Render

Your All-In-One Cloud Based Design and Visualization Tool

No more complex CAD software. With Coohom you can go from idea to fully customized design & 4K photo-realistic rendering in just minutes using floor planner.

Leverage Your Own 3D Models or

Pick From Our Library of 300,000+ Models and Textures

Upload 3DS Max or SketchUp models to create your own personal model library. Do not have your own model? Just pick from our 300,000+ and expanding 3D model library.

Drag & Drop
Design Experience

Pick products and drag them into your floor plan to be able to see it in 3D view. Fast, intuitive, and easy to simplify complex design processes.

Custom-Made Furniture

Customize Your
Own Furniture

Construct structures and components according to customers’ preference. Coohom enables users to digitalise the carpentry component aspect. Using the power of parametric models, users can now create and customise designs with complex geometry with ease, as this tool will enable furniture and cabinetry to be infinitely scaled in terms of dimensions.

Advanced Customisation Tools to Create Custom Furniture

Using parametric models, customizing your design now is simple. Create your own kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinets, doors, windows and many more. Use the animation feature to open and close doors to showcase the internal modifications made for your clients.

Take your customization design to the next stage

With Dimension Drawings you can now complete the process flow. Generate construction drawings for any custom furniture on Coohom. This automated dimension feature will provide users a graphic representation with production information. With this information at hand builders can already start the “real life” construction process

High Speed Rendering

Stop waiting hours for renders, fast rendering is the in thing

Leveraging proprietary solutions for rendering, Coohom can generate high quality photo-realistic room scenes in under 60 seconds. Piece together panoramas as well for whole design walk-throughs. Virtual reality is also accessible via mobile devices.

Powerful and fast rendering engine

Save money & time on expensive hardware setup and paying multiple license for render & design tools. Coohom runs on the cloud entirely, design your project in the web browser on PC/Mac, and let our powerful ExaCloud™ engine do the hard work.

Imagine taking just a minute to render in 4K resolution.
With Coohom, make it a reality.