Interior Design

Easiest & fastest way to visualize your interior design ideas in 4K photo-realistic renders.

Get High Quality 4K Renders under 60 Seconds

Coohom is The Best Choice for Interior Designers

No knowledge other design softwares required (CAD or BIM)

5 Simple Steps

To Ease Designing, Customizing and Rendering Process

Save your time and resources

Floor Plan

Start in 2D to draw the walls, or simply upload a floor plan or CAD file, and trace the outline. Then shift to 3D to add more details and get a realistic feel for your space.

Drag & Drop

Coohom comes with a catalogue of 300,000+ render ready 3D model products and texture. Drag and drop these customizable items directly into your project. You can also upload your own 3D models & textures


Create your own kitchen cabinet, wardrobe and many more all within Coohom. No additional software needed.


Customise floor, walls & ceiling surfaces. Upload multiple tiles with a different pattern and Coohom will randomly place your tiles so it will not look symmetrical.


Empowered by cloud render technology, Coohom is unbelievably fast at creating photorealistic renders. The best part is there's no hardware setup required, everything is done in your web browser.

Floor Planner

Simply upload a floor plan or CAD file, and trace the outline.

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop these customizable items directly.


Create your own design with Coohom.


Customise floor, walls & ceiling surfaces.


Coohom is empowered by cloud render technology.

The Only Interior Design Software You Need

Delivers everything you need to transform design from concepts to photorealistic renders

Coohom is loaded with practical features to help designer express their vision effortlessly. Equipped with intuitive 2D and 3D floor planners, vast built-in render-ready model library, pre-set lighting & plan template, customization ability and advanced 3D modeling tools. Coohom is also built with BIM/CAD in mind, so you can export to-scale construction drawing directly from the project.

Digitizing Your Design Library, Systematically

Streamline the Design Workflow

360 Panorama & 720 Virtual Walk-Through

Powerful & Fast Rendering Engine

No Hardware Setup Required

Digitizing Your Design Library, Systematically

More Features

Created with professional designer in mind.

2D & 3D View

Always on 2D and 3D view so you know where you are

Colour & Texture Editor

Change models to match your design with texture swap

Lighting Editor

Customize and create your own lighting for scenes

Virtual Reality

Panorama-ready for mobile VR

Panoramic Walk-throughs

Piece together panoramas to make a full walk-through

Construction Tools

Design custom walls and ceilings with construction tools


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