Photo & Video Studio

Save 90% of your photography and videography costs, marketing content creation is now faster with less cost

Photo & Video Studio

Ready-Made Room Template to Simplify Content Creation

Create the perfect shot effortlessly with just one click by placing your product's 3D model and visualizing it in various rooms and scenes. Perfect for showcasing concept products and designs to clients before production, eliminating the need for time-consuming photo and video shoots.

Faster production of marketing materials is extremely beneficial for furniture companies, allowing for more efficient product marketing. By providing value-adds to your distributors, they can better market your products. This makes it easier than ever to penetrate the e-commerce market.

Save Time & Cost

Simplify The Process

Creating content for your business can be an expensive and time-consuming process, from moving products around, hiring a photographer, to editing images. Slash weeks of works with automated photo and video solutions. You have an option to do it yourself, or let us do it for you.

How To Do It Yourself

Choose A Product

Choose your desired 3D product from your catalog to create stunning imagery

Add It To A Scene

Choose from 1,000+ template scenes to find one that matches your brand style

Render Your Imagery

Customize it as needed in the editor. Then, render. As simple as that!

Let Smart Decor Do It For You

Share Your 3D Models

Share your 3D models in 3DS Max or SketchUp file format with us

Tell Us Your Vision and Ideas

Share your brand styles and your ideal room scenes. Choose your package

Render and Deliver

We will render it for you. Review if any changes needed and it's ready to be delivered.

Variety Of Selections

1,000+ Room Templates To Choose From

Extensive choices of pre-made scenes spanning all styles and product categories, from sofas to coffee tables and many more. You can also work with us to create custom ones to fit your brand style. Dynamically swap in products before committing to a render.

Drag & Drop

Editing Panel for Fast Customization of Scenes

Easily personalize your scene by rearranging products, adding accessories, and removing objects to your liking. With simple drag and drop functionality, adjust camera views and preview images before rendering. You can also save your customized scenes for future use.

Shoot & Render

Place A Virtual Camera and Render An Image Set or Video

Render images from various angles by adding a camera to your room scene. Use the video function to map a camera's path around the scene and set its movements. Mimic the movement of a real camera by adjusting camera angle, lens type, move speed, and other settings.

Images Coohom Can Help You Create

Product Catalog



Lifestyle Shots


For Advertising


For Social Media

Sample Brochures

Customize Your Need

Fast & Easy

Obtain 4K Resolution Imagery In Less than One Day

By utilizing cutting-edge computing technology, you can get a set of renderings in just a few hours. Maximize your wait time by adding more shots to be rendered, ensuring a consistent output. Enjoy full self-service functionality without the need for a photographer.

Automate your image and video creation.
Proven to save time and money.