Smart Decor Membership for ID

The one interior design membership you need to increase your productivity and sales

Scale Your Business Up

A Membership Curated for Interior Design Businesses

Smart Decor Membership for ID is a program designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in interior design businesses, shorten sales cycles, and increase revenue. Our unique membership includes Coohom, an all-in-one tool that enables you to design, visualize, and render 10-50 times faster than traditional software. Plus, you'll get certified training, streamlined services, and dedicated support to guide you on your business journey.

Coohom Membership for ID 1

Floor Planner, Decor in 3D, Customize and Render

Your All-In-One Cloud Based Design and Visualization Tool

No more complex CAD software. With Coohom and great support services from Smart Decor, you can go from idea to fully customized design and up to 16K photo realistic rendering in just minutes.

Leverage Your Own 3D Models And Textures, pick from 300,000+ Ready Models or

Utilize Our Localized Models and Textures Library

Upload 3DS Max, SketchUp models and materials to create your own personal or Enterprise library or let us do it for you. Do not have your own model? Just pick from 300,000+ and expanding 3D model library, plus a localized library of popular brands for models and textures.

Drag & Drop
Design Experience

Pick products and drag them into your floor plan to be able to see it in 2D and 3D view. Fast, intuitive, and easy to simplify complex design processes.

Custom-Made Furniture

Customize Your
Own Furniture

Construct structures and components according to customers’ preference. Coohom enables users to digitalise the carpentry component aspect. Using the power of parametric models, users can now create and customize designs with complex geometry with ease, as this tool will enable furniture and cabinetry to be infinitely scaled in terms of dimensions.

Advanced Customization Tools to Create Custom Furniture

Using parametric models, customizing your design now is simple. Create your own kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinets, doors, windows and many more. Use the animation feature to open and close doors to showcase the internal modifications made for your clients.

Take your customization design to the next stage

By using Dimension Drawings on Coohom, you can efficiently finalize the process flow and create construction drawings for personalized furniture. The automated dimension feature offers a visual representation with essential production information, enhancing user experience and making it easier for builders to initiate the actual construction process.

High Speed Rendering

Stop waiting hours for renders, fast rendering is the in thing

Coohom utilizes its exclusive rendering solutions to produce top-notch, photo-realistic room scenes in less than a minute. Users can also create panoramic views for comprehensive design walk-throughs. In addition, Coohom's virtual reality feature is available on mobile devices, providing a unique user experience. By operating completely on the cloud, Coohom enables you to save money and time on costly hardware setups and multiple licenses for rendering and design tools.

Comprehensive Business Services

Partner with Smart Decor as your dedicated design team and free up time for sales. Our comprehensive services include floor plan creation, model and material uploads, design, and rendering. Simply share your vision and requirements, and our team of experts will get to work immediately. Smart Decor members enjoy exclusive discounts, so you can save while achieving your design goals.

Imagine taking just a minute to render in 4K resolution.
With Smart Decor, make it a reality.