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An easy-to-use, yet highly configurable Design Visualization Platform - Coohom, gives you full control of your designs (decisions) whilst maintaining a “low barrier to entry” to all user groups. An example of this is encompassed in the adaption of the “Drag and Drop” gesture within Coohom platform’s. This makes actions very intuitive (even for new users) such as adding a new 3D model to a library, applying a texture onto the desired item, adjusting camera placement during when rendering and may more.

Further Coohom empowers its users to reach greater heights with built-in tools, allowing for augmented and virtual reality utilizations on to design’s visualizations. This can be seen in the 720 walk-through, VR viewing mode and AR photo studio feature. With these tools at your fingertips not only will you be able to produce quality design but also, to create an impactful relationship with clients as a consequence of using Coohom to provide interactive and effective visualizations.

Awards and commendations

In 2009, Coohom was honoured to be accredited and awarded “The Most Innovative Application” by Shopify at the 2019 Developer Hackathon. A more recent recognition includes the award for “Rising Star and Premium Usability ” by Financesonline.

Free demo and consultation

We are committed in digitalizing the industry as a whole with cloud technology that, does not only add value to businesses and individuals, but also foster an environment of collaboration between the different stakeholders within the Furniture Industry. As this isn’t a one-size-fits-all, we invite you to sign up under the “contact us” tab. Here, our experts can demonstrate and provide a one-on-one explanation on how Coohom can especially elevate you.

A Price For All User

The Interior Design and Furniture Industry is home to a diverse crowd of businesses, ranging from independent Interior Design Firms to large furniture manufactures. No matter the size of your business, we have a price for you; a package that is good value for money and provides an open door in ushering new opportunities to your business.

Cloud technology

A web-browser-based platform that utilises cloud technology. Users with PC or laptops of any and all kinds will be able to generate ultra-high-quality renders in minutes. A successful modern designer needs to be flexible and always on-the-move. With that in mind, users of Coohom will enjoy the ability to access their project files from any devices at anytime and anywhere .

Furniture industry and beyond

Select furniture, finishes, appliances and accessories in Coohom expansive furniture library that holds over 200,000 3D models and materials to choose from, these are refreshed every 2 weeks! UPLOAD your own models and incorporate them on to your design, website, promotional material and more. The “360 Viewer” and “Photo Studio” tools enable furniture makers and sellers to leverage their assets in a digital space, thus enabling for quick pivot of assets between various digital channels.

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Solutions For
Property Developers

Modern day home buyers are more mobile and may even be living in other countries – so how can we help you make inspection and property viewing more memorable? With “Kool VR” of course. Kool VR has the ability to bring the property to the prospective buyer. With zero compromise on the property viewing experience, it offers your clients a unique and modern way to view a new home via an interactive photo-realistic virtual reality experience. Effectively, it is an alternative to sample showrooms.

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Solutions For
Interior Designers

Coohom’s award-winning design features have all the tools and flexibility needed to craft and create beautiful designs consistently. It has the ability to integrate with existing popular software’s, including Sketchup and 3Ds max file types. So take your models with you and create new ones with Coohom. Coohom’s advance intelligence cloud technology uses the processing power of cloud servers to generate rendering, subsequently causing a significantly lower strain on your local PC whereby up to 4K resolutions rendering can be done in just minutes.

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Solutions For
Furniture Manufactures

Furniture brands looking to expand their digital footprint or are looking to take their first steps into digitalization amd begin their E-commerce journey, Coohom has something for you. Replaces traditional photography – lower costs and more flexibility.

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Solutions For
Furniture Retailers

Virtual showrooms and App-less augmented realities to display products and e-commerce integration between supply channels. Empowering our clients to extend their reach well beyond the physical means and equipping our clients with the necessary tools for a successful e-commerce endeavor.

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