Virtual Showroom

Create your own digital space, a great and essential asset to capture your clients.

Showcase Your Product With Style

Leverage on Coohom’s abilities to create an interactive 720-degree virtual showroom experience so there’s no more need to have a physical showroom. Allow your customers to fully immerse themselves through their personal mobile devices without having to leave their homes.

4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Our team of experts will show you how to embed the virtual showroom onto your website.

Step 2

We help to plan out the details to incorporate in the virtual showroom.

Step 3

Allow your customers to navigate through your store and view information about the products you are offering by adding product tags.

Step 4

Customers can directly purchase the products as it can be linked to their cart.

Benefits of Our Solution

Save Cost

Showcase your products digitally without incurring the high cost of rent. Staging and photography is also not required. Showroom can be digitally created in 16K resolution.

Easily Accessible

Customers can access the showroom anywhere at any time within the touch of their fingertips. Compatible with mobile devices, laptops and PC.

Increase Sales

Use interactive catalogs and product configurators that effectively inform and enhance your product. Shorten the sales cycle by engaging and creating interaction with your customers. Strengthen your online presence by attracting more traffic to your website and have the ability to implement a strong online-to-offline (O2O) strategy.

Training & Technical Support

Dedicated team of experts to assist in setting up the virtual showroom. Full training is provided.

Renting Physical Space For Showroom Is The Thing Of The Past.
Be in the now.