New In: Coohom 5.0 for Enterprise Users

coohom 5.0

Coohom 5.0 introduces significant improvements over its predecessor, Coohom 4.0, primarily focusing on precise floor plan drawing. The new version employs an advanced floor plan drawing method and BIM parametric system, ensuring accurate restoration of the entire floor plan structure. This enhancement provides a solid foundation for construction, calculations, and business expansion.

Key Features of Coohom 5.0

1. Accurate Floor Plan Drawing

Enables precise floor plan drawing from on-site measurements, facilitating quick modeling of panoramic renderings, and exporting construction drawings and quotation lists with a single click. This streamlines on-site construction management, cost control, and subsequent after-sales service. Coohom 5.0 combines the accurate floor plan with the powerful features of Cloud Design 4.0, eliminating the need for multiple software for data import/export and reducing time and effort spent on repetitive drawing and calculations.

2. Multi-layer CAD File Support

Supports importing CAD files with the ability to choose specific layers, reducing unnecessary modifications.

3. Exterior Wall Line

Adds an exterior wall line to the wall drawing, enhancing efficiency in floor plan drawing.

4. Curved Walls

Introduces the ability to draw curved walls with precise control through parameter settings. Doors and windows can also be added to curved walls.

5. Sloping Walls

Supports flexible modification of the angle between sloping walls for increased floor plan accuracy.

6. Wall Alignment Function

Provides a convenient wall alignment function supporting alignment of “inner, center, or outer” edges of selected walls.

7. Flexible Wall Splitting

Enhances the wall splitting function, allowing walls to be split by position with the option to enter the desired length for accurate cuts.

coohom 5.0

The Powerful Coohom 5.0

Overall, Cloud Design 5.0 offers a comprehensive solution for floor plan drawing, construction management, and collaboration, with added functionalities such as multi-level design, a new version of floor layout, intelligent assistant, and program collaboration.

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