3D Model Viewer & Augmented Reality

Do more than imagine. Let your clients see your products in every variation and angle.

Immersing Your Customers In New Experiences

As furniture sales shift online, immersing your customer in new experiences can help drive the sale. A 3D product configurator and app-less augmented reality can push a sale through to close while also decreasing return rates.

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Furniture & AR

Furniture is the top industry consumers want to see AR in.

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Boost Sales

Retailers that offer AR see a significant growth in sale conversions.

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Reduce Returns

AR for your customers can reduce returns by over 25%.

Your Product, Their Room

Augmented reality option makes majority of consumers more likely to buy, and data proves that AR in retail reduce returns

Show all product configurations using 3D

Bake new textures into products or change the 3D model in itself if the shape changes. Countless product variations can be created and shown.

Show All Product Types

Bake textures directly into the model for easy switching. View dimensions inside of the 3D frame.

See products from any angle or view with real-time rendering

With real-time rendering, a 3D model of a product is loaded at a super fast speed, meaning you can spin, drape, and view the product from any angle imaginable. Zoom in to see texture depth and details.

App-less augmented reality

Getting a customer to download an app is hard. App-less augmented reality lets you engage with customers on a deeper level without having them download an app. Everything is run through the browser and works on both iOS and Android.

Let Us Guide You From Scratch

How it Works?

Create 3D Models

Work with our team to design a plan for creating 3D models of your products.

Integrate Into Your Site

Integrate the 3D viewer with app-less AR onto your site via APIs.

See Your Sales Grow

Tell your customers about it and watch your product page conversion rates go up!

Be In The AR Space.
Boost Your Sales.