3D Modelling Services

Let the professionals help you develop your own 3D models

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Developing your own 3D model of furniture independently is costly and can be a taxing task. Choose Smart Decor as we ensure the quality of the 3D models is an accurate digital representation of your product and the 3D model will always be optimized for uploading / utilization onto Coohom.

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3D Modelling Services

Developing Your
3D Modelling

Only few items required:

Our 5-Step Process

Professional, Fast & Convenient


• CAD files or dimension spec sheets
• Texture swatches scans or samples
• Photographs of the product from different angles

Proposal, Approval and Start Work

Our team will provide you with a proposal. You will be able to clarify any information and then approve the pricing as needed. Then, we will start creating your 3D content.

Quality Review

Once our modelers finish with the content, we upload it to your account to see it in rendering and 360-spin. You will be able to give your feedback for us to fix or approve if it's good to go. The model then will be sent down to your account.

Quality Assurance

You have the full ownership of your 3D content through export functionality. The model will also be automatically distributed into your Coohom account

Mapping Product Data

Using the cloud-based asset management system, you can add product data to your products. Your files can easily be organized within the platform.