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Coohom x SketchUp
Before we start, we’d like to address that this is an article to help those who are SketchUp fanatics, or interior designers and architects, to even better create either lifelike spatial designs or fast photo-realistic renderings.

Where Great Ideas Get To Work and Great Designs Turn Into Reality

SketchUp knows that the stakes have never been higher for design professionals. Winning and keeping business requires creating stunning deliverables and exceptional experiences for clients. However, sharing and collaborating in 3D hasn’t always been easy. Even though you design three-dimensionally, you may have to communicate your ideas through screenshots and PNGs or lug your laptop from the office to a client meeting.

Which is why Coohom is the absolute solution for SketchUp designers and modelers. Sharing your great work and marketing your brand, we know how important that is to grow your sales performance and to catch your clients’ attention. To sell more, stunning visual is the key in today’s digital-savvy world.

SketchUp x Coohom

Coohom Is Fully Compatible with SketchUp 3D Models

Coohom is fully compatible with SketchUp 3D models and supports real-time rendering. Many interior designers and architects have shared this great insight with us; they love the seamless integration and material synchronization between the 2 platforms. Once you import your SketchUp model into Coohom, you’re in an intuitive, interactive, and integrated 3D environment that makes it easy to deliver the quintessential of your design in its real-life or conceptual context.

It only takes minutes to create 3D true-to-life exterior, interior scenes, and takes seconds to render up to 16K-resolution exquisite visuals, heightening the image of its real-life impact and leaving a lasting memory on your clients. Not only that, Coohom provides 360° panorama, and VR ability to further assist your 3D projects, creating a profound virtual walk-through at your fingertips, and even rendered video with various effects!

SketchUp x Coohom

Maximize Your Toolset and Successfully Get Your Projects Across The Finishing Line

Designing architectural elements or furnished house of your project is an intricate and crucial step to its success. It requires the right tools and effective collaboration to ensure the design meets all demands. The 3D cooperation between SketchUp and Coohom shows how you can maximize your toolset and successfully get your designs across the finish line. Many are wondering why Coohom is such a great online 3D design tool for both designers and companies. For one, Coohom leverages ITS LEADING 3D visualization and AR solutions to improve the work efficiency and design quality. Two, the smooth synchronization with SketchUp delivers more design possibilities for global audience and three, iPad app enables users to design, render, and exhibit to clients without boundaries, anytime, anywhere.

V-Ray for SketchUp, 3Ds Max, Autodesk Revit, and so on, there are lots of online 3D modeling software out there. However, you only want to choose the right 3D rendering software to deliver the best possible results to your clients, and Coohom is more than ready and qualified to serve.

Excited to Get Started?

Are you interested in making your business grow ahead of others? Looking for an innovative strategy to sell your products? Ready to see your sales performance skyrocketing? Coohom is prepared for you to experience the most effective E-commerce solution, furniture retailing, home décor, interior design, kitchen & bath, and so on, Coohom is your trustworthy partner of striding into the new era of E-commerce! Contact us NOW!

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