Coohom x SNIMAY, Whole House Customization in A Few Clicks

Coohom’s ultimate 3D design tools realize “Whole House Customization“ & “Home Interior Design“ effortlessly, and create unique design for every space in your need. We help you adapt the fast growing trend of new customer demand for the customized shopping experience.


SNIMAY is one of the most prestigious whole house furniture design companies in Mainland China, its coverage includes wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, window & curtain, mattress, smart locker, sofa, chair, floor, chandelier, everything related to your home.

01 Highly Efficient Management System for Retailers & Manufacturers

Via Coohom’s platform management feature, SNIMAY effectively controls and executes all the dealers’ information, from accounts to orders, also develop the assessment criteria for all the operational activities, such as national design competition, etc.

SNIMAY encourages their designers to use Coohom to create splendid & photo-realistic works. Currently, all the designers in SNIMAY produce over 2,300 projects, nearly 20,000 renderings per week, which indicates each account generates 33 designs weekly.

coohom snimay whole house customization

02 HD Panoramas Attract Clients and Improve Sales Performance Rapidly

Via Coohom’s full 720° panoramic solution, SNIMAY could easily & widely share their amazing designs with a public link on all social platforms, and engage audiences to participate in certain campaigns.

With such vividly scenario-based promotions, the registration rate grew drastically, over 500 new users joined in just a few weeks, and the growth hasn’t stopped yet!

coohom snimay whole house customization

03 From Design to Quotation, The All-in-One Business Solution

Via Coohom’s API integration, the designers could enter the design tool interface through SNIMAY’s website, and log in to Coohom’s cloud design platform through SNIMAY’s CRM system.

Automatically generating 2D & 3D drawings and quotation lists, so the designers could design and quote in real-time, and the data synchronization is absolutely a great helper to the process, from product design, developing & researching, sales operation to warehousing, there’s no latency to work efficiency.

coohom snimay whole house customization

04 Powerful SaaS as The New Standard for Whole House Customization

Via Coohom’s 3D Viewer & AR feature to display product materials, textures, models, and other attributes in detail, the SNIMAY “O Store“ is a physical experience center to allow customers to view the whole house layout with merely a smart phone.

The immersive AR shopping guide mode lets the customers picture the personalized styles both in their eyes and minds, and to feel like seeing your future sweet home in a real scenario.

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