Coohom, Providing the Best Solution for Interior Designers

“Coohom is a fantastic tool for any interior designer. Easy to use with an expansive choice of furnishings to suit any aesthetic. The 3D rendering process is quick and produces high-quality images for clients.” – Roisin, no60interiors, Interior Designer

What can Coohom do?

Coohom provides you with an all-in-one solution that would be robust and simple to use, without sacrificing power and features; effectively replacing multiple applications that used to be a required part of a designer’s wheelhouse. All the powerful features are proven to increase a lot of efficiencies and improve the digitally-based conversions between designers and their clients.

The Features

  • Easy to Use Floor Planner
    Intuitively and easily drag-and-drop interface to create 3D designs. The Floor Plan tool is easy to learn, and packed with powerful features, which is the ultimate tool for interior designers.
  • Lightning-Fast Cloud Rendering
    Transforming your design into gorgeous 3D renderings in seconds enable your clients to see exactly what they will get in real-time rendering effect.
  • Huge Public Library
    From furniture to decor, our extensive library of 300,000+ models and textures are FREE for all.
  • Built-In AI Decorator
    Choose a template and let our AI decorator take control, giving you a fully-furnished starting point, you will be able to fill your room on the fly.
  • Full 720 Virtual Tours
    Use your rendered design to generate a full 720 tour in seconds, then walk through your own creation with a realistic atmosphere.
  • Kitchen & Bath and Customization
    Customization Catalog and tool kit increase efficiency by eliminating manual disassembly, back-and-forth communication, and offline data exchanges.
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Flexible, Portable, and Convenient to Realize Imagination

“Coohom made my workflow much faster. You can customize your interior and exterior spaces to perfection. My clients are impressed by the 4K renders I can provide them.” ——Koralia Giori, koraliagiorispaces, Interior Designer

The idea for Coohom began with the notion that customers deserved high-quality, immersive experiences when making major purchases for the home; a true “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” experience that would be easy for retailers and manufacturers to deliver without breaking the bank. Fast-forward to today, and it is still believed that a designer’s tools should be as flexible, portable, convenient, simple, and intuitive as imagination. Coohom was launched with a shared understanding that no creator should be limited by their tools.

We are uniquely situated to help enable architects, professional designers, decorators, freelancers, and more –and we know from experience that they will be thrilled with the results. Coohom’s commitment to innovation has led to a wide range of solutions that utilize powerful, unique technologies to visualize the experience, enabling everyone to realize their dreams for their home or spaces more vividly and accurately than ever before; and branching out into numerous exciting applications that improve the way industry work on a fundamental level.

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How To Find Us?

Smart Decor is the exclusive partner and certified training center of Coohom in Southeast Asia. We have two physical offices in Singapore and Malaysia. If you would like to know more about Coohom and how it can help improve your productivity and increase your sales, we can be reached via email at or simply click HERE, fill up your details and we will be contacting you for a free consultation and demo session.

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