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coohom 3d floor planner
Coohom Releases The Powerful 3D Floor Planner Feature, Which Empowers Retailers and Manufacturers to Effortlessly Create Any Interior Styles, and Accelerate Business Growth at Scale

About Coohom 3D Floor Planner

Coohom 3D Floor Planner feature greatly improves complicated design process for both business owners and interior designers. With over 750,000 3D models ready to be deployed, and 3,000 exquisitely furnished floor plans by smart AI decorator, you won’t ever lack inspirations. Coohom’s broad 3D model library possesses all sorts of furniture and furnishings, such as windows, doors, flooring, lights, wardrobes, kitchen cabinet, and fixed installations. What’s even more amazing is that via the industry-leading 3D visualization technology, you could render your floor plan with highest possible quality up to 16K resolution in seconds, which most 3D design software couldn’t really carry out nowadays in the market. It is truly an all-on-one 3D design tool with end-to-end business solution and it’s all now within your reach!

coohom 3d floor planner

The All-In-One Design and Visualization Tool

“There are so many 3D design software out there in the market, some excel at the model precision, some serve wildly comprehensive 3D library. What makes Coohom so unique that it could stand out of all those competitors is that Coohom has it all. Coohom’s 3D Floor Planner is probably the most interactive, intuitive, and integrated 3D visualization tool you could ask for by far. It supports the easy drag and drop feature, and you can review your layout both in 2D and 3D version in real-time. 

Furthermore, Coohom also comes with the options of customizing textures, colors, style editor and even lighting. After finalizing the floor plan, you’d get to immerse your customers with the full 720 panoramic VR tour experience, and this is a total game changer! Once you seal the deal, Coohom also generates the construction drawing automatically with highly accurate measurements, so yeah, I’m pretty confident to say that Coohom does help business owners grow their sales effectively with lower costs!” quotes Cook Liao, Head of Coohom.

Establishing Professionalism with Coohom

Establishing professionalism from the get-go is important, especially to showcase to your customers that you can effortlessly achieve their goal with the simplest process. Coohom 3D Floor Planner presents the true vividness of the floor plan, and it brings your 3D design to life. As many are wondering why is it so crucial to have 3D visualization as a business solution, Coohom has got all the answers you’ve been looking for. Just one try and your sales performance will show!

coohom 3d floor planner

In Summary

Coohom 3D Floor Planner:

  • All-in-one 3D design and visualization platform
  • Design as a professional in minutes, and get 3D visualization in seconds
  • Super-fast photo-realistic rendering up to 16K resolution
  • More than 3,000 smart Al templates, and 750,000 3D models to choose
  • Supports full panoramic 720 virtual reality tour
  • Support furniture retail, home decor, interior design and kitchen & bath businesses
  • Auto-generates 2D construction drawing precisely according to 3D floor plan

Excited to Get Started?

Are you interested in making your business grow ahead of others? Looking for an innovative strategy to sell your products? Ready to see your sales performance skyrocketing? Coohom is prepared for you to experience the most effective E-commerce solution, furniture retailing, home décor, interior design, kitchen & bath, and so on, Coohom is your trustworthy partner of striding into the new era of E-commerce! Contact us NOW!

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