9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using 3D Modelling / Renders Over Product Photography Studio

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Traditionally “product photography studio” are known to provide marketing images for catalogs, magazine and even websites. Uninspiringly it has been the favourite option for furniture companies for decades. This is true because for so long no other means or medium could deliver the needed level of realism and look so artistic and appealing. So much so that things like complicated workflow and high cost were considered minor obstacles on the way of getting high-quality product photos that just hit the spot – until now. Times are changing. More and more companies, among whom major market players are using “product rendering service” rather than photography studios. An obvious example is IKEA catalogs, they are filled with product renderings and they sell to millions of furniture buyers consistently. Have you ever realize that the pretty illustrations are all 3D models generated digitally? Likewise, many other companies saw 3D rendering and modeling as an chance to be cost-effective and productive to sales.

So what exactly is there about 3D modelling and rendering that makes Manufacturers and Marketers change their minds?

#1. Infinite Opportunities for Creativity

What makes a good product image? Engagement, to an extent where the viewers looking through the website, pauses and clicks to see or find out more. Historically to achieve this, furniture brands used to go to great length and cost. They organized large-scale photoshoots, produced plenty of prototypes, transported them to unbelievable locations – idyllic meadows, picturesque medieval streets, blooming gardens and stately mansions. On top of hiring models, fashionable photographers and tons of décor. The process will then eventually result in a beautiful professional photographs while incurring a large portions of company funds and valuable time.
However with the 3D modelling and rendering all the furniture business needs to do is upload a 3D max or sketch up file with their product specification onto the Coohom platform and within seconds they will be able to utilize and edit the model within their floorplan. Not familiar with Sketch Up or 3D Max, Coohom has a team of 3D artist ready to carry it out for their clients. No hassle just upload a file.

#2. Easy Workflow. Way easier than with Product Photography Studio

When generating a professional photograph of a furniture, due to the nature of complexity there is usually a person assign to oversee the process – a project manager, art director or marketer themselves. Unlike this, the process of generating 3D models on Coohom is created with the notion of seamlessness in mind. There are no complex logistics to control, no issues with setting or ambient, the person in charge saves time for more pressing tasks. It is clear that the objective here is to ensure this is done as quick and effective as possible. Literally two clicks of a button to create a 3D models if the necessary files are ready.


#3. Smooth Process

Product Photography studio can be situated pretty much anywhere, and quite often overseas. Which means that communication of the Marketer with a Contractor happens via phone, email or messaging apps. As a result, the information is everywhere – and nowhere when one needs it.
Well, Coohom works differently. For instance, they deploy a project management-like user interface where uploaded 3D models are saved on their cloud. This would mean team members across the globe would be able to access the very same files and models as if they were in the home office – all made possible by Coohom, which acts as a Google Doc for designers and furniture models. Information regarding a project/s are kept in one place for all to interact, accessible via laptop and iPad through internet browser, no prior installation required.

#4. Control Over Results

There’s a great deal of unpredictability about working with a Product Photography Studio. For its outcome depends on quite a lot of things – weather, light, equipment, one is never sure what kind of result they’ll get. 3D models in contrary, allows the business to shape the product image as exactly as one requires. Factors such as light shadows, views, setting and so on can all be determined easily. Not only that but through Coohom, these factors can also be changed with no extra cost or time.
One of the biggest flaw about traditional product photography is the impossibility to change anything that surrounds the images. For example, a  marketing associate go about the process of getting an item photographed by a product photography studio comes back to the boss with the results and if there is even one thing that needs to be changed, the whole process needs to be carried out again. Sending prototypes, finding decors, more shooting, retouching and waiting for results.
For obvious reasons this is not practical in the long run, and encourages unproductivity in the company. With product rendering and 3D modelling this wouldn’t be a concern any longer. Using Coohom, 3D model files are uploaded onto the platform, and if the models to be used for a campaign need to be changed so that it match the rest of the campaign, within the platform itself this can all be changed within a few clicks with zero additional cost.

#5. Ideal Lighting Without Complex Lengthy Manipulations

The performance of product photography studio also depends on the right lighting. Photographers look for location with the right lighting, introduce artificial ones and tweak it for hours. 3D rendering does nothing of the kind. Using 3D rendering capability built within Coohom, you can achieve any effect you need. Choose from various predefine ambient light settings or customize one of your own. So if your clients would like to test a few concepts with different lights, it can easily be arranged with Coohom.

#6. One Model – Many Colors

Shooting the same product in various colours and materials is frustratingly complex. One needs to get prototypes for each model, however small the difference, and shoot them separately. That’s not the case with 3D modelling: once the 3D model of the object is created, its colour, size and position can be changed with a few clicks of the button.

#7. 3D Models Can Be Reused in All Advertising Campaigns

To get images of the same model, Furniture Makers go to a product photography studio and start everything over. Luckily, Coohom is one of the few companies that broke this vicious cycle. When you upload and generate a 3D model, you can use it for multiple marketing purposes – in new scenes, with different decors, in both print and digital advertising. This way, 3D Modeling allows for an easy seasonal rebranding!

#8. Free Access To Some Excellent Decors

Another downside of traditional photography is the need to buy lots of decoration items. To get fresh and trendy images every time, Furniture Marketers have to throw it away and buy new one for each and every shooting. Meanwhile, Coohom’s visualisation platform allows for the setting and décor to be changed conveniently to fit the necessary purpose. Coohom Public Library has over 300,000 3D models and textures to choose from. There are models of every type and for every style: accessories, textiles, lighting fixtures and many more.

#9. 3D Rendering Save Your Time!

What if a Furniture Manufacturer needs images like really fast? And as cheap as possible – for there are still plenty of videos to produce before the launch of the campaign. Traditional product photography is not a good option then. To fit into a budget and still be on time, one will have to compromise: reconsider the concept or cut the number of images.
3D rendering is the perfect solution for those who are in a hurry: ready-for-use 3D scenes. The end results always look special and attractive, and production on average takes 3 times less time and money than traditional photography.
If you would like to find out more about how Coohom can help your furniture business, check out Coohom 3D Modelling Services and Coohom Photo & Video Studio.
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