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Manage all your 3D contents safely, easily, and extensively

Manage Your Asset Systematically

Digital asset management built for the complexity of 3D

Empowers you to effortlessly own, store, manage, and distribute your 3D content in the cloud, without the complexity of 3D or storage concerns.

Keep track and manage all your assets

Cloud Storage for 3D Content & Textures

Maximize your storage capacity and streamline your workflow by managing all your 3D models on the cloud. With a rendered view of each product readily available, you no longer need to open each product in separate software to preview it. Keep your models organized by categorizing them into folders, simplifying your workflow and enhancing your productivity.

Robust Product Info & Tag Management System

Elevate your productivity by incorporating product data for each 3D model to better align with your internal systems. Use tags to categorize products based on styles, collections, sub-brands, and other relevant factors. Optimize your workflow by mapping multiple textures onto one product, eliminating the need for recreating them.

Categorize & Organize Products Into Folders

Achieve exceptional texture mapping using high-resolution swatch scans, and enjoy the flexibility to customize as needed. Seamlessly synchronize with your internal PIM system through API integration and data availability.

Collaboration Made Easy

Experience effortless collaboration with your teammates and other Coohom users by downloading, sharing, and utilizing 3D models within the platform. Share and collaborate on projects seamlessly, using the versatile features of Coohom.

Save Time Using Our Uploading Service

Uploading hundreds of models, materials or textures might be a hassle to you. Let the experts do it! Smart Decor provides uploading service to your Coohom account. Share your products, tell us how you would like it to be organized and you'll have it uploaded efficiently!

Cloud Storage for 3D Content & Textures

Save storage space and manage all 3D models from the cloud. Rendered view of the product available so never need to open each product in a different software to see what it is. Categorize products into folders to maintain organization

Robust Product Info & Tag Management System

Add product data for each 3D model to map out how it relates to your internal systems. Add tags to products to categorize them by styles, collections, sub-brands, and more. Map multiple textures onto one product so you don't have to recreate them!

Categorize & Organize Products Into Folders

Flexible texture mapping based on high-resolution swatch scans Sync with your internal PIM system based on API and data availability.

Ownership of your content

File types for 3D models

3Ds Max





File types for textures and materials



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