3D Model Viewer & Augmented reality

Spin to see every angle

As furniture sales shift online, immersing your customer in engaging experience while viewing your product online will help drive the sale. A 3D product configurator and app-less augmented reality can push a sale through by providing the viewer with unmatched ability to view and feel a product. Increase your sales conversation by offering memorable interaction with your product. 

Display and configure multiple product versions

Don’t worry about what to viewers can see, With Coohom 3D viewer list multiple variation of your product so that viewers can configure and visualize as they please. For example a Sofa model that comes with and without L shape sitting – this option changes the overall look of the model quite significantly however it is essentially the same product model. Set different view options so that viewers can (with a click of a button) see the model with and without the L shape sitting option with in the 3D model viewer.

  • Display all product types for intricate lighting to door shapes.
  • Let viewer apply multiple texture instantly to enhance their viewing experience.
  • Give an in-depth feel of the spatial impression through viewing of the 3D frame in AR format.

Harness the power of real-time rendering

Super fast loading time and high quality viewing of a selected product. This enable interested parties to interact and viewers your product in every angle imaginable. Spin, Clock and Zoom into a product till ones hearts content!

Click on the view mock up button below to experience this first hand!

VIEW A MOCK-UP –  3D viewer of a sofa