Our Solutions

Coohom platform caters to a wide variety of audience
below are methods in which Coohom can positively impact the industry players.


Our impeccable Kool VR tool lets you
convert your 3D content into stunning VR.

Achieve an instant interactive experience at a significantly lower cost, as there is no need to physically create or demolish a showroom unit anymore. In addition to saving time, you can also
offer clients and potential customers a preview of the forthcoming units prior to their completion.

Enhance Marketing pic

Enhance your

  • Virtual walkthrough generated via a QR code
  • Create designs and begin marketing before construction
  • App less interaction with potential clients
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As real as it gets

  • Replace sample rooms with Kool VR
  • Flexibility in designs
  • Interactive multi-functions
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Fully furnish
and ready to go

  • Furnitures on the platform linked to manufacturers
  • Allow customers to furnish their new home

Unleash your creativity and channel it into
your designs as smoothly and swiftly.

Skip the moodboard process and create your 3D Designs on the spot. Craft your 3D masterpieces with an endless range of templates, while being able to virtually construct every type of structural component such as door openings, beams, flues and more!

Upload 3D models pic

Upload 3D models

  • Upload 3D models from Sketchup and 3DMax
  • Or Select from our public library of over 200,000 models
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Create floor plan,
2D & 3D

  • Upload floor plan by CAD file or image
  • Or DIY using the design tool
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Furnish your project

  • Complete your design by drag and dropping in furniture, wall, and flooring finishes.
  • Customise cabinets, floors, kitchens with the construction tool.
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Render your designs

  • Generate a photo-realistic images and 720 panoramas in under 1 minute.
  • Switch to VR mode for a more immersive experience.

Enter the new age of digitalisation
with digital photo studios,

a spinnable 3D model viewer and AR.

Expand your marketing online as more than 85% of home furnishing begins online.

Create 3D models pic

Create 3D models

  • Access 3D models from the brands that you sell.
  • If they don’t have 3D models, we can help with that.
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photo realistic images

  • Pick a Photo Studio room from the hundreds of templates available to generate images.
  • Or create the scene by yourself and pair your products together……….
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Experience AR

  • Embed a 3D model viewer with app-less AR into your product pages so your customers can get a real feel for what you offer.

With a comprehensive system like ours, manage your digital
stocks and assets conveniently from your iPad Pro or your laptop,
as you can store large quantities of items digitally without having
to rent showrooms or other spaces to display products.

Interact with your designs and change something instantly so your customers can gauge how different textures impact the output of the design. Product information such as price and availability can be displayed at your request, as the control is in your hands.

Access 3D models from brands you sell pic

Access 3D models
from brands you sell

  • Access 3D models from the brands that you sell.
  • If they don’t have 3D models, we can help with that.
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Use Coohom’s
Floor Planner

  • Distribute Coohom’s Floor Planner to all your sales staff.
  • Let us help on board and train them to ensure maximum adoption.
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View in AR or VR

  • Showcase single products in AR,
  • or view entire designs in VR.
  • Co-create with customers in store or enable them to design themselves online.