Virtual Reality

Simulate the real thing

Gain the trust of your client and secure the deal fast, courtesy of our impeccable VR tool innovating how clients experience a first-person preview of their upcoming space. Our 720-tour walkthrough comprised of multiple panoramas lets your client immerse themselves completely into the new space to see how living there feels like. Simply use a smartphone-assisted headset to set up VR Mode for an immersive experience.

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Cutting-edge tools at your disposal

Kool VR is our premium state-of-the-art VR tool, where you can choose between two custom VR goggles, to serve you the ultimate VR experience. Taking it up a notch, Kool VR boasts a multi-function interaction feature allowing users to open and close doors, as well as curtains. Viewers have the power to make immediate texture changes on a furniture piece, and oversee the amendments in real-time. You can use HTC VIVE headset for an even more immersive experience.