Develop 3D models

Cost-effective, high quality and at scale.

We understand that developing one’s own 3D model (of furniture) independently is costly and can be a perilous task. This is due to the lack of skill set in the market, as there is such a high barrier to entry to learn and develop 3D models on the respective software. Plus the quality of 3D models various greatly and may not fit the purpose you had intended for. If you choose Smart Decor, we ensure quality of the 3D model(s) is an accurate digital representation of your product – and the 3D model will always be optimize for uploading/utilization onto Coohom.

We follow a straightforward 3 step process in which we convert your standard 2D model into a dynamic 3D model that is 100% compatible with Coohom upload requirements.

Our 3 step process

Gathering of information

Collection of all relevant product information and data, we follow a standard requirement gathering system that prompts clients to provide certain measurement information about the product. So that we can begin to create your model –

3 main items are needed to do so:

  • CAD files or dimension spec sheets
  • Texture swatches scans or samples
  • Photographs of the product from different angles

Approval of model concept proposal

Approve our proposal and our network of modelers will get to work. Our team will provide you with a proposal and seek  further information if needed. You will be able to spell out any additional information and approve any pricing as needed. Once that’s complete, we will push the creation of 3D model(s) to its final stage.

Quality control and final review

Once finished, the 3D model will be uploaded onto your Coohom account – you will be able to see it in post render format with a 360-spin view for full visibility. If it is not up to expectations, add comments for us to touch up. Or approve if it matches your expectation and have it automatically ready for use on Coohom. 

  • Flexible quality assurance process to ensure satisfaction.
  • Full ownership of your 3D content through export functionality.
  • Automatically distribution into your Coohom account.