3D Model Management

Choose models, textures & finishes

Organise, arrange and save all your model(s) and assets at ease all under one roof with Coohom. Enjoy the perks of unlimited storage for models and textures! You can never have too many 3D models.

Upload and manage img

Upload your models seamlessly in Sketchup file format (SKP) and/or a 3Ds Max file (MAX).

Explore different textures by simply uploading a JPEG file of the desired material and watch it instantaneously implemented on the selected 3D model, Magical! Make it easy for potential customer to reach you by inserting stock information including price, availability of SKUs, texture information and more under the texture tag.

Storage your 3D models on CLOUD

Have them with you anywhere-anytime.

Store and manage all your 3D models from within Coohom’s Cloud platform. Have it ready  for clients and when working with team members. Say goodbye to external hard drives or remembering where you store a particular model, create folder and sub folder on your Coohom account in which to organize them. Further in terms of collaboration, instantly have it shared with chosen team members, a convenient and practical approach to 3D model management.   

  • Cloud storage for all 3D content.
  • Ability to view the model in both pre and post render format.
  • Categorize products into folders to maintain organization
  • Easily collaborate with team members.


Robust product configuration and tagging

Add product data for each 3D model to map out how that relates to your internal systems. Use tags on Models to categorize them by styles, collections, sub-brands, and more. Map multiple textures onto one product so you don’t have to recreate them!

  • Tag 3D models 
  • Flexible texture mapping based on high-resolution switch scans
  • Sync with your internal PIM system based on API and data availability


Compatible with other software’s

Upload your models seamlessly onto Coohom in either Sketchup file format (SKP) and/or a 3Ds Max file (MAX). For materials and textures, an upload of a jpeg or PNG file type is enough for the system to recreate the material digitally which than can be used onto your design projects.