We have had the pleasure of working with many professionals across these industries,
and they have greatly benefitted from our array of design tools and software

Coohom Design Platform

Coohom is a dynamic cloud-based platform offering an array of products, aimed at helping businesses move toward the new age of digitalization. Designed for easy use, this web based platform requires no prior installation to run. In line with the Industry 4.0 revolution, Coohom’s innovative platform is set to digitalise and modernise the industry with added value for all involved major stakeholders.

Develop 3D models

Cost-effective, high quality and at scale. We understand that developing one’s own 3D model (of furniture) independently is costly and can be a perilous task. This is due to the lack of skill set in the market, as there is such a high barrier to entry to learn and develop 3D models on the respective [...]
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3D Model Management

Choose models, textures & finishes Organise, arrange and save all your model(s) and assets at ease all under one roof with Coohom. Enjoy the perks of unlimited storage for models and textures! You can never have too many 3D models. Upload your models seamlessly in Sketchup file format (SKP) and/or a 3Ds Max file (MAX). [...]
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3D Model Viewer & Augmented reality

Spin to see every angle As furniture sales shift online, immersing your customer in engaging experience while viewing your product online will help drive the sale. A 3D product configurator and app-less augmented reality can push a sale through by providing the viewer with unmatched ability to view and feel a product. Increase your sales [...]
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App-less Augmented Reality

Place your products onto real settings. Web-based AR gets you as close as possible to the real thing. Gain instant product approval from your customer, upon letting them see how their product fits into their new spaces - be it a living room, office or outdoor area. Customers are provided with a unique preview experience, [...]
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Auto-generated Photo Studio

Replace traditional photography With the power of cloud computing combined with the fastest rendering engine, Coohom removes the invisible barrier once placed on your local hardware. Coohom is proven to be time and cost-efficient, producing multiple photo realistic renderings in just minutes. Its fast rendering track record allows users to leverage the platform to generate [...]
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Floor Planner

Quick design for 2D & 3D rooms! Simply import a floor plan from a CAD file or JPEG image, or simply draw it from scratch and effortlessly drag & drop models from the public & enterprise library. Create your projects anywhere and anytime - from a PC or a laptop, to an iPad Pro. With [...]
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High-Speed Rendering

4K renderings and panoramas in seconds! Using Coohom’s render tool, determine your render’s POV across the full design and capture the perfect angle, through the click of a button. Next, generate photo-realistic renderings as quick as a minute. Fuse multiple panoramas together to form a 720-tour walkthrough, and watch your designs come to life. If [...]
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Virtual Reality

Simulate the real thing Gain the trust of your client and secure the deal fast, courtesy of our impeccable VR tool innovating how clients experience a first-person preview of their upcoming space. Our 720-tour walkthrough comprised of multiple panoramas lets your client immerse themselves completely into the new space to see how living there feels [...]
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API Integration

White label the experience. Make the experience your own. Embed our 3D model viewer or Floor Planner on your website and enable your customers to design and visualize their own spaces. Export a bill of material and see data on which products were engaged with most! Get Quotation
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