How to Generate 720 tour

*Before you generate a 720 tour, make sure you have already generated some panorama renderings.
*Tip: When you render in Panorama, make sure the door is included, otherwise it won’t show the name of the room when you generate a 720 tour.

*Each project can only have one 720 Tour rendering. If you generate a new one, it will cover the previous one. So be careful!

1. Choose the areas you want and generate the Panorama renderings.

2. My project – View Project – 720 tour, Generate 720 tour.

3. Choose the Panorama and generate the 720 tour.

4. You can only set one panorama as the starting point.

How To Create The 2nd Floor

1. Draw the floor plan.

2. Set the first level height to the height of the whole house.( For example 6000mm)

3. Click Advanced Tools >Construction in the left panel to go to our Construction tool.

4. Draw the modeling face of the first level.

5. Duplicate the face to the position of the target second level.

6. Use the Draw/Pull tool to change the thickness of the floor.

7. Now you get two floors of the house.

8. Go back to DIY, add furniture on the first floor, and adjust the height above the floor to make it located on the second floor.


Getting started

Project Template

When you create a new project, You can choose  AITemplates that are either from the public library or a template that you had previously created in Coohom.

How to use template project on Coohom


Coohom shortcut keys

This section will introduce the shortcuts of Coohom System Operation

You can find the list of the shortcuts from Help- Shortcuts


Cancel Esc
Confirm Enter
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Save Ctrl+S



Floor 1
Ceiling 2
Top view 3
Walk 4
Zoom extents (Space) Space
Move left A
Move forward W
Move right D
Move back S
Raise camera Q
Lower camera E
Material mode Ctrl+1
Wireframe mode Ctrl+2
Material & wireframe mode Ctrl+3
Transparent Material mode Ctrl+4


Multiple / frame selection Press Shift
Delete Del
Group Ctrl+G
Ungroup Ctrl+Shift+G
Duplicate Ctrl+C
Flip G
Replace C
Nudge selection ⬅⬆➡⬇
Disable snapping Press Ctrl
3D move & rotate R

                                                   Floor Plan

Draw wall B
Draw room F


Select Furniture/Parts Tab
Material Brush M
Cancel Hold Alt+Ctrl
Sizing Limit Ctrl+m
Open/Close Doors Ctrl+O
Show or Hide Cabinet Doors SHIFT+ALT+D
Style Brush N
Random Texture Brush J
Categories under model catalogs Ctrl+X
Place P
Rotate Ctrl+R
Draw Edge L
Draw Rect R
Cabinet Outline C


Navigating through Coohom's Merchant platform

Merchant Platform is a Coohom SaaS service, allowing you to manage projects, enterprise library, your own products, accounts, and settings. Different roles like a designer, manager, and admin can access to distinct functionalities. Here’s how it works:

Projects are a place for you to go through all schemes. You can edit, share, rename, duplicate, delete, and check the detailed info of your own projects under My ProjectsTeam Projects enables admin and manager to copy the projects in designers’ My Projects to Team Projects section for management and editing.


Enterprise Library contains ProductsProduct Info, and Authorizations. Products help you upload and manage your 3D models, finishes, and textures. You can swap textures in Texture Library. Manage the brands and tags of your enterprise products under Product Info. Authorize your own models and received authorized models in Authorizations (Contact us to get this value-added service).


Photo Studio replaces the traditional photography and generates lifelike renderings for your brochures, online ads, and catalogs with cloud super-computing. Contact us to get this value-added service.


My Uploads is a private library built for you to upload and manage your own, not your enterprise’s, 3D models, and finishes.


Data Analytics demonstrates the performance statistics of your products. Track and check your products’ clicks, displays, etc here.


Account Management assists you to create and manage up to 100 accounts for your team.


Settings contain Public LibraryCustomizations, and Panorama. Enterprise can turn off the Coohom public library in whole or in part in your floor planner and hide the models of competitors in the public library if needed under the Public Library section. Customizations enables the user to personalize enterprise name, custom URL, enterprise logo, watermark, login cover, etc. And don’t forget to toggle on/off functions like product tag, scan to share, etc. for your tours in Panorama.

Basic and fundamentals of Coohom design tool

Coohom is a cloud-based design platform that aims to provide you with an easy-to-use what you see is what you get an interface with high quality and high-speed rendering. Here’s how Coohom is organized:

Floor Plan is built for you to design your own projects by drawing walls and rooms, creating doors and windows, and adding some structural components. This section helps you with the first stage.

Model Library contains building materials, furniture, and decor. After creating the basic home or room layout, you can go through this library to pick your favorite products and add them to your floor plan.

My Account records your favorites, history, and uploads. You can manage the products you liked and upload your own products here.

Advanced Tools section has construction and customization tools to help you accomplish more advanced building structures and complex cabinet customization.

The top toolbar provides basic operations and toolkits to ease your work. Click Render to get high-quality images for your floor plan. Adjust advanced settings and create different light angles to produce life-like pictures on your own. And don’t forget to check and download renderings in the Gallery.

Online Customer Service helps with your problem while you are using the tool, you can tell us about your questions of the tool, your advice to help Coohom, or Business Inquiry. You can also email us   support@coohom.com

Floor Plan Navigator displays the entire floor plan showed in your current canvas. It can help you locate the target room space you selected.

The right panel plays a significant part in building your project. Properties can be modified and product information can be looked at here by selecting your objects.

The bottom toolbar enables you to zoom in, zoom out or zoom extents the entire floor plan. In addition, you can switch among 2D, 3D, and ceiling views via this toolbar to observe your project in different ways.