About Us

Smart Decor provides business solutions, in the furniture, property development and Interior Design industries.

Smart Decor Pte. Ltd. are proud partners and distributors of Kujiale (酷家乐), also known as Coohom internationally. Kujiale was designed to solve many of these drawbacks, as well as propel the players in the industry forward with a modern and applicable technology. They found huge success in China whereby they are currently holding the majority of the market share in the Furniture Industry and the same for its secondary industry (Interior Designing and Property Developer). Smart Decor aims to bring this design and visulisation technology along with its benefits to the industry into the South East Asian market.

Coohom specialises in 3D cloud-based modelling and high-speed 4K rendering under a minute by utilising AR and VR Technology. In prioritising and fulfilling our clients’ requests, we undertake to deliver customised solutions for their businesses.

It is imperative to us that our customers truly understand how to use the Coohom platform so that they may expand their businesses in the most efficient and profitable manner. Coohom is an all-rounded, cloud-based interior design and visualisation platform that serves a straightforward “what you see is what you get”.

Accomplished through high-speed rendering, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Our Coohom platform allows our customers to realistically and rapidly envision their designs and ideas so they can effectively craft the ideal space where they would be able to thrive in. Through our case studies, we work to explore every creative possibility to craft the best solutions for our clients.

Our render speeds are

10 to 50 times faster than traditional process

coohom x smart decor


To provide comprehensive and effective solutions to our clients, whilst cohesively integrating the Furniture and Interior Design Industry as a means of pushing for greater innovation. Our main goal is to foster a spirit of empowerment and collaboration within the industries. We intend to aid our clients in doing the best they can through our customised services.


To deliver an impeccable 3D Cloud-based modelling platform which gives our clients the freedom to customise and design their desired space through an immersive hands-on experience that ultimately helps their businesses expand.

As a world leading cloud-based design platform, Coohom (Kujiale) provide latest design technology to support and empower industry players to build their new modes of online and offline sales.

Through video measurement, online and offline design and cloud rendering these are tools among others that  Coohom deploys as a means to assist through the process digitalise.



Fostering a collaborative spirit
is a crucial factor when it comes to our team.

In our mission to cultivate innovation, we pride ourselves on working in tandem with staying updated with stakeholders as well as current trends. With our ever-growing understanding of the industry, we work hard to ensure that our experts let our customers achieve an intuitive experience when using our platform to create the best version of their visualisations. We want to stimulate creativity amongst our clients to create the perfect digital product, hence we made sure that our team is just as creative, dynamic and inspiring. Our driven and skillful team has a grasp on aesthetics and art, which are quintessential to designing, thus allowing us to take your business to a whole new echelon.